Newly Elected Officials Orientation Materials


Orientation Materials for Newly Elected Officials

Agency staff: Preparing orientation materials for incoming newly elected officials? In addition to your agency’s own materials (policies, calendars, staff rosters), the Institute’s resources can help officials understand and pursue their leadership role. 

Make your life easier by taking advantage of ILG’s resources for newly elected officials.

The materials in this section can be downloaded and organized into an orientation manual that works best for your agency and elected official’s needs. A sample table of contents is available to tailor when selecting among ILG’s resources and combining with your agency’s documents (calendar, policies, staff rosters, etc.).

ILG also welcome links to these materials from agency websites

The Institute’s is currently offering materials relating to these topics:

  • Responsibilities and Powers
  • Budgeting and Finance
  • Leadership Skills
  • Making Decisions
  • Engaging the Public
  • Public Trust & Transparency
  • Working with the Media
  • Working with Staff
  • When Bad Things Happen

The Institute welcomes both suggestions and sample materials to add to the value of this resource.

Note that, in some cases, similar information is presented in different ways. For example, the list below includes comprehensive publications Understanding the Basics of Local Agency Decision-making, The People’s Business: A Guide to the Public Records Act, and Understanding the Basics of Public Service Ethics: Personal Financial Gain Laws. For those agencies that simply want pieces of this publication (or want the information with fewer graphic elements), specific pieces of those publications are also provided.