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Personal Gain


Personal Gain

Public service is about that: service. There are a variety of laws designed to prevent public servants from using their office for personal financial gain.

This section offers resources to help local officials and others understand those laws.


Understanding Personal Financial Gain Laws

This piece explains California ethics laws relating to personal financial gain and public office.


FPPC Amends Conflict of Interest Provisions

In August 2012, the Fair Political Practices Commission (FPPC) began adopting changes to the Political Reform Act regulations related to conflicts of interest.


Local Official Conflict of Interest Checklist

Determining whether one has a financial interest that requires one to step aside from the decision-making process is a complex analysis. 


Deciding When Not to Participate in an Agency Decision: Abstentions and Disqualifications

This article discusses the difference between an official being legally disqualified from participating in a decision and making the voluntary decision to abstain from participating. 


Owning Property In Your Jurisdiction

This article explains the application of the Fair Political Practices Commission’s eight-step process for determining whether a public official may not participate in a decision because of the potential effects of that decision on property the official owns.


Local Official Revolving Door Restrictions FAQs

State law restricts what some kinds of local officials and employees can do when they leave public service. 


Supreme Court Upholds Conflict of Interest Law

The United States Supreme Court has rejected a First Amendment challenge to the application of Nevada’s conflict of interest law. See Nevada Commission on Ethics v. Carrigan, ___ U.S. ___ (June 13, 2011).


New Section 1090 Case Regarding Prohibited Interests in Contracts

A court of appeal has upheld a $22 million verdict in a contract dispute involving the City of Compton. The city had terminated a solid waste franchise (a form of contract); the franchisee sued for breach of contract.


Executive Compensation Issues

The City Managers Department of the League of California Cities and County Administrative Officers Association of California have adopted guidelines for determining chief executive compensation for local agencies.

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