News from the Institute for Local Government


News from the Institute for Local Government

This monthly newsletter features ILG news and resources as well as upcoming events of interest to local officials, staff and residents across California.

July 2017

ILG’s Summer Meal Coalition Partners with the City of Redlands on CHAMPS Efforts

In partnership with the National League of Cities and Washington DC-based Food Research and Action Center, ILG’s California Summer Meal Coalition has been providing technical assistance and support to 10 California cities selected to participate in NLC’s Cities Combating Hunger through Afterschool and Summer Meal Programs (CHAMPs) initiative. 
The Coalition has been working with each of the cities to facilitate effective partnerships between cities and local partners, building on the collaboration potential of out-of-school time and the availability of USDA summer and afterschool meal programs. Among the CHAMPS participants, the City of Redlands and Redlands Unified School District have partnered to increase availability of summer meals for local youth.

Their collaborative efforts include a successful summer meal kick-off event at the city park, serving hundreds of children, and providing summer meals at the Redlands Community Center alongside activities for kids. Redlands Police have been lending a hand to Redlands Unified to assist with the school district’s four “pop-up barbecues” at summer meal sites, serving an estimated 500 kids at each event. As summer winds down, the Coalition will continue to work with Redlands and the other CHAMPs cities to identify opportunities for collaboration with schools, county agencies, and community based organizations to ensure that the afterschool hours during the school year are hours in which youth continue to stay healthy and on the path to a bright future. Find out more about their efforts here.

ILG Received Record Number of Beacon Award Applications

This year, a record 58 cities and counties have applied for Beacon and Spotlight Awards for measurable achievements in greenhouse gas reductions, energy savings and sustainability best practices. The recipients will be recognized at a joint Beacon Award Reception on September 14th in Sacramento celebrating the collaborations among city, county, regional and state agencies. Stay tuned to find out if your city or county will be honored this year! Find out more about the Beacon Program and how your city or county can participate here.

California Cities Create Carbon Funds to Support Climate Action

California local governments have spent millions of dollars developing energy and climate action plans. To date, over 200 local governments in California have adopted climate action plans, but now many are scrambling to find ways to fund implementation. The state’s cap-and-trade climate investment program offers a glimmer of hope, but with proceeds from the past several carbon emission permit auctions lower than expected, many local agencies are developing their own internal, sustainable funding sources to implement energy and climate action activities. Read more.

Calling all Public Engagement Staffers

ILG, in partnership with the Davenport Institute for Public Engagement and Civic Leadership, is establishing a New Statewide Network of Local Government Public Engagement Staffers. Our intention is to create a network of local government employees who can support each other in carrying out public engagement, share best practices and ask questions. Help us to identify local government employees who are tasked with public engagement duties by taking this short survey or forwarding it to others in your agency.

ILG Welcomes New Partners

ILG is excited to announce two new partners for 2017 – Sustainability Program Sponsor PG&E and Platinum Partner Taborda Solutions. The support of partners like these allow us to continue to support California’s local governments and the communities they serve. Join us in thanking PG&E, Taborda Solutions and all of ILG’s Partners!


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