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News from the Institute for Local Government


News from the Institute for Local Government

This monthly newsletter features ILG news and resources as well as upcoming events of interest to local officials, staff and residents across California

News from the Institute for Local Government

February 2018

Webinar: Municipal Elections from Start to Finish

Please join ILG and the League of California Cities for a webinar on municipal elections next week. The webinar will provide an overview of the process from the calling of an election through the canvass and declaration of the results. Panelists will discuss the Fair Political Practices Commission’s campaign finance rules and well as legal issues pertaining to campaign activity by city officials and employees, including use of public resources for educational outreach and ballot statement issues.

The webinar will take place on Thursday March 1st from 10:00-11:30am.

Register here.

In preparation for the webinar, ILG recently updated our tip sheet Ballot Measure Activities and Public Resources which outlines what local officials can and cannot do related to campaigns and ballot measures.

TIERS Public Engagement Learning Lab

Local governments throughout California are applying a variety of public engagement strategies and approaches to address issues ranging from land use and budgeting to climate change and public safety. We have developed a framework any city can use to plan and implement its public engagement efforts. The TIERS Public Engagement Framework for Local Governments and TIERS Learning Lab support city officials and staff’s use of deliberative planning to better engage the public.

ILG will be holding a TIERS Public Engagement Learning Lab in Sacramento on March 13-14. By participating in the TIERS Learning Lab, staff and electeds will learn how to utilize, customize and implement the TIERS tools and processes. The TIERS Learning Lab will help you build and manage successful public engagement in order to support local government work, stakeholder input and project success. Click here to learn more about registering for the March Learning Lab.

Find the complete framework and information about future training opportunities here.

Resources to Help Prepare Local Government’s for Electric Vehicles

As the amount of electric vehicles increases in California, infrastructure to support these vehicles also needs to grow. The state is exploring the best path forward to support market transition to EVs and create the infrastructure needed to support them. Cities and counties throughout the state are now faced with a variety of choices about how to support this goal. Karalee Browne, from our Sustainability Team, wrote about the opportunities and challenges local governments are facing in this month’s issue of Western City Magazine. Read the article here.

To help local governments navigate these infrastructure challenges, ILG just launched a new Electric Vehicle Readiness page on our website. This page includes market trends and policy analysis, links to programs across the state, a community readiness guidebook and case stories from the City of Sacramento and the City of Santa Monica.

Click here to view the Electronic Vehicle Readiness webpage.

Local Governments Partner to Support Youth

For many of California’s low-income children, summer vacation presents a break in the continuity, structure and safety of the school year. Summer often results in limited opportunities to participate in learning and enrichment programs. The California Summer Meal Coalition hosted a Lunch at the Library workshop on January 11th in partnership with California Library Association and California State Library at the City of Ontario’s Ovitt Library. The workshop focused on developing partnerships with school districts, community based organizations and other local government agencies to support the needs of youth in their communities when school is out. More than 50 librarians representing 31 city, county and special districts from urban and rural communities attended!

Learn More About the California Summer Meal Coalition

The California Summer Meal Coalition (CSMC). CSMC is an ILG initiative to help local government and community partners work together to support the health and well being of youth in their community. To find out more and get involved, click here.

City of Lodi’s Love Your Block Program

News from the Institute for Local Government

This video highlights the City of Lodi’s Love Your Block program. The video focuses on the transformation of a blighted vacant lot into a ‘green’ space that showcases a two-story mural. The project was led by local youth Jose Gomez who designed the mural and is highlighted in the video along with Mayor Doug Kuehne, participants from the Police Department, Community Development department, Lodi’s Chamber of Commerce and a local business owner.

ILG provided input to the effort through Lodi’s Love Your Block staff participation in ILG’s TIERS Public Engagement Training in Fresno in January 2017.

Among other resources, Lodi team members modified evaluation questions for their workshops using the ILG Public Engagement Program’s Rapid Review Worksheets.


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