News from the Institute for Local Government


News from the Institute for Local Government

This monthly newsletter features ILG news and resources as well as upcoming events of interest to local officials, staff and residents across California.

January 2017

Don’t Miss ILG’s Public Engagement Strategy Workshop in Sacramento

Looking for assistance with organizing and sustaining productive public engagement? Struggling to decide how to use online engagement tools? Frustrated with the standard “2 minutes at the microphone” public meeting? Need expert advice on bringing together a diverse critical mass of people? This workshop will provide you with the tools and resources you need to authentically engage stakeholders in thoughtful, democratic processes. ILG’s Public Engagement Program is partnering with Public Agenda’s Matt Leighninger and Nicole Cabral to bring this workshop to Sacramento on March 8th. Topics covered include: the strengths and limitations of public engagement; practical skills for planning stronger engagement infrastructure; how to assess the strengths and weaknesses of public engagement in your community; and more. Register here!

ILG Hosts Health and Prosperity Roundtables in the Central Valley

This week, local, regional and state government representative, business leaders and community organization members gathered to discuss how they could support the health and prosperity of San Joaquin Valley communities. ILG, the American Lung Association in California,  the San Joaquin Council of Governments and the Merced County Associations of Governments held two roundtable discussions on how valley communities can use state cap and trade funding to create healthier communities and expand economic opportunities. Attendees learned about local examples of active transportation, economic development and healthy communities projects and connected with peers about how to bring more funding to the region. Learn more here.

California’s Local Governments Engaging Youth

Earlier this month, ILG hosted a session on how California’s local governments are engaging youth in their communities. The session highlighted the City of Sacramento and the City of Yuba City and their Summer at City Hall Programs. These programs aim to provide students opportunities to learn about local government, careers in local government and how to advocate for community change. ILG is preparing a toolkit, that will be released later this year, to help local governments start and grow youth civic engagement programs. Find out more about ILG’s work here.

Is your agency engaging youth or interested in starting a program? Contact Randi Kay Stephens to share your story or find out how ILG can help.

ILG Trains Local Governments with New Public Engagement Framework

In January, 22 local government teams from 19 jurisdictions “beta-tested” ILG’s new public engagement framework in the Central Valley and Inland Empire. The TIERS (Think-Initiate-Engage-Review-Shift) Framework provides a step-by-step approach that will help any local government – large or small - to plan and execute their public engagement work in a systematic way. During the training, teams used the TIERS Framework to develop a plan for an upcoming public engagement case. The training design also provided opportunities for peer to peer learning, real-time problem-solving and experimentation with a wide variety of public engagement techniques including use of ILG’s clickers (which we loan to CA local governments for free) and real time pulling on smart phones. Find out more about the framework here.

Seven Billion Dollars Soon to Hit the Streets in Disadvantaged Communities Across the State

Courtesy of ILG Partner Ruben Duran, Partner, Best Best & Krieger

Right before Thanksgiving 2016, the federal government announced the release of $7 billion of tax credits aimed at spurring private equity investment into projects in low income communities. Administered through the U.S. Treasury’s CFDI Fund, the tax credits are known as “New Markets Tax Credits,” and have proven to be a flexible and powerful tool for development in underserved communities across the country. Read more.


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