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Fair Processes


Fair Process Laws

Local officials typically care deeply about their communities and the decisions they must make on the communities’ behalf.

Local officials also are stewards of the decision-making process. A number of California laws relate to fairness in those processes.


Understanding Fair Process Laws and Merit-Based Decision-Making

This piece explains California ethics laws relating to fair processes laws and public office.

Fair Process and Bias Issues

Fair Process and Bias Issues

In this video JoAnne Speers, the former Director of the Institute for Local Government, discusses the importance of fair process in agency proceedings and how strongly held personal beliefs can affect this process.


Fair Procurement

The process by which an agency acquires goods and services presents an opportunity for fairness and transparency.


Local Official Revolving Door Restrictions FAQs

State law restricts what some kinds of local officials and employees can do when they leave public service. 

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