City of Chula Vista

Beacon Participant Profile

“Working with ICLEI and The Climate Registry, the Conservation Division coordinates implementation of the City’s Climate Action Plan and monitors the City’s progress by performing annual emission inventories. Chula Vista was the first public agency in San Diego County to receive the “Climate Action Leader” designation from the California Climate Action Registry and the “Climate Registered” designation from The Climate Registry.” -City of Chula Vista

About Chula Vista

  • Incorporated: November 28,1911
  • Population: 231,305 (2008)
  • Location: 7 miles south of downtown San Diego in San Diego County
  • Elevation: 69 feet
  • Area: 50 square miles

Climate Action Activities

Climate Action Resources

Case Story

City of Chula Vista – Land Use & Community Design Program to Address Climate Change

Chula Vista adopted measures aimed, in part, at reducing greenhouse gas emissions in new development. The measures emphasize compact neighborhood development, building-specific energy measures for new communities, as well as comprehensive project design criteria to reduce greenhouse gas emissions throughout the community.


City of Chula Vista Climate Adaptation Planning

In 2010, the Chula Vista’s Climate Change Working Group evaluated the potential impacts from climate change on municipal infrastructure and services and recommended strategies to “adapt” to these potential impacts.  The City of Chula Vista was one of the first jurisdictions in the nation to pursue climate adaptation planning.

Case Story

Chula Vista Leverages City Conservation Programs

Chula Vista’s Climate Action Plan has been in place for over 15 years. For this growing Southern California city, the Georgetown University Energy Prize provides an opportunity to measure its progress against other sustainable cities throughout the nation. Chula Vista has a long history of successful community partnerships, but securing participation still posed a challenge.