Local Government Basics For Those Leaving Public Service


Local Government Basics for Those Leaving Public Service


As an elected official departs from public service, there are legal documents to be completed. In addition to ending one’s term, the official may have campaign monies to distribute. In this section of the Institute’s website, resources are provided to help local officials in leaving public office.


Sample Leaving Office Checklist

Some local agencies provide officials who are leaving public service with checklists that can help with required financial reports and other important tasks.


Retirement Celebration Planning: Looking for Ways to Avoid Another Rubber Chicken Dinner and a Plaque?

This article describes how a contribution to the Institute for Local Government’s endowment fund in lieu of a gift, plaque or full-scale retirement event enables the community and the retiree’s colleagues to recognize the retiree’s public service with a contribution in his or her honor.