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Community Stories


Community-Based Organizations Partnering with Local Agencies
Stories from around California about Agency-CBO Partnerships

Stories from the field about local agencies working with community-based organizations in service to shared populations.


Partnering for Positive Mental Health Outcomes
Cities, Schools and Community-Based Organizations Collaborating to Support Students

Community Health Awareness Council (CHAC) continues to operate as a mental health services agency with support from the cities of Mountain View, Los Altos, and Los Altos Hills, as well as Mountain View-Whisman School District, Los Altos School District and Mountain View-Los Altos Union High School District.


City and Service Club Team Up to Build a Park

This article from the April 2010 issue of Western City describes how Long Beach teamed up with its local Rotary Club to build a park.  The city’s effort won the Award for Excellence in the Community Services and Economic Development category of the League of California Cities’ 2009 Helen Putnam Award for Excellence program.

Case Story

City of La Mesa – Partners Provide Foundation for Successful Relationships with Philanthropy

As a built-out city with an aging population, the City of La Mesa has pursued an ambitious agenda to improve community health. The city has made a number of program, policy, and infrastructure investments that support healthy environments for all members of the community. La Mesa’s efforts have been led by the Community Services Department and directed by the expressed needs and extensive involvement of the community. In the process, La Mesa has blazed a trail of community wellness efforts that are collaborative, innovative, and effective in protecting and improving the health of the diverse array of residents in La Mesa. Key to the city’s success has been their success in attracting philanthropic and government grants to fund their efforts.

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