City of Manhattan Beach

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“Manhattan Beach has a long history of environmental sensitivity and activism, as a community and as a city government. In the coming months and years we will be taking these efforts to new levels as the City Council has made sustainability a priority goal. Over half of this year’s City Council work plan relates to green issues, and there will be plenty of opportunity for our local businesses and residents to be involved in taking action to protect our environment.” – City of Manhattan Beach Going Green Website

About Manhattan Beach

  • Incorporated: 1912
  • Population: 35,135 (2010) 
  • Location: 19 miles Southwest of Los Angeles on the South end of Santa Monica Bay
  • Elevation: 120 feet
  • Area: 3.88 square miles

Climate Action Activities

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Case Story

Manhattan Beach Promotes Health Through Community Design

In 2010, the City of Manhattan Beach joined the Blue Zones Project–Vitality City Initiative,15 a regionally funded effort to enhance the well-being of people who live and work in the beach cities of Southern California. The goal of the regional partnership is to make the beach community a more walkable, bikeable, healthy and socially engaged place by implementing sustainable land use and community design principles.

Case Story

City of Manhattan Beach – Involving the Public in Climate Change Action

Manhattan Beach established an Environmental Task Force composed of residents and city officials to develop recommendations to the City Council to address a range of environmental challenges, including the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.