Deeply Held Concerns and Other Challenges to Public Engagement Processes

Public engagement processes are often forums for very deeply held concerns.

In some cases, public engagement participants will have very strongly held views about the topics to be discussed; the local (or regional) agency and officials involved; and/or the public engagement process itself.


This tip sheet offers ideas for the planning and delivery of public engagement activities when participants’ deeply held views and values make successful outcomes more of a challenge.

A PDF of this tip sheet is available at right for download.

Post Brian Moura
Webinar on Effective Public Engagement

Webinar on Effective Public Engagement
Dealing with Deeply Held Concerns and Organized Opposition in Public Engagement Activities

View a recording of this webinar, hosted on March 13, 2013, which featured speakers Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager of San Carlos, and Susan Stuart Clark, Director of Common Knowledge. 


Dealing with Emotional Audiences

This article provides strategies that leaders can employ to maximize the likelihood that public meetings on controversial issues will involve constructive exchanges that contribute to the best decision being made.