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Sustaining Your Sustainability Programs


Finding the funds to support worthwhile programs presents a challenge in the best of times. This challenge is compounded when local budgets are stretched as tightly as they are today. Nevertheless, many local agencies continue to support activities and programs to make their communities more sustainable, believing that investing in sustainability leads to healthier communities and improved economic vitality while saving money, conserving natural resources and protecting the environment.

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Funding Wizard Now Available

California local agencies can use a prototype web-based tool to help identify funds for sustainability and environmental projects. The Funding Wizard ( searches for state and federal funds, rebates and other financial incentives to assist with reducing GHG emissions and support planning and development of sustainable communities. Categories include energy efficiency, green transportation, renewable energy, water conservation, recycling and waste prevention, green building and projects that contribute to improved air quality. Users select “local governments” as an eligible applicant, choose from a list of categories, and enter key terms or pick from a range of funding levels or application deadlines. Funding opportunities can also be sorted based on requirements for cost sharing and the specific agency or type of government jurisdiction offering the financial assistance.

This whitepaper originally appeared as an article in the November 2011 issue of Western City magazine.

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