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Scott Munzenmaier
Purchasing Officer, City of La Mesa


About Scott

Scott has worked for the city of La Mesa since 2003 and has held a number of different positions including Business License Officer, Administrative Analyst II, as well as his current position as Purchasing Officer. As the Purchasing Officer for La Mesa, some of Scott’s responsibilities include annually updating the city’s fee cost allocation plan and fee schedule, inventory/surplus management, replacing equipment, and implementing annual contracts.

Mr. Munzenmaier studied Architecture at Arizona State University, Business Administration and Management at Cuyamaca College, and received a Bachelor’s of science degree in Finance from San Diego State University. Scott also received a certificate for Sustainable Business Practices from the University of California, San Diego.

ILG Contributions

  • Beacon Award program contact
Beacon Participant Profile

City of La Mesa

“The City of La Mesa recognizes that local governments play a leading role in both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the potential impacts of climate change. Local governments can dramatically reduce emissions from their government operations through such measures as increasing energy efficiency in facilities and vehicle fleets, utilizing renewable energy sources, enacting sustainable purchasing policies, reducing waste, and supporting alternative modes of transportation for employees”  City of La Mesa 2005 Greenhouse Gas Emissions Inventory

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