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Erik Pearson
Environmental Services Manager, City of Hayward


About Erik

Erik Pearson is the Environmental Services Manager for the city of Hayward and has been working for the city of Hayward since 2000. He is in charge of managing the public works of utilities and environmental services. He is also responsible for implementing the city’s Climate Action Plan as well as ensure that Hayward is moving toward becoming a more sustainable and environmentally friendly location.

Mr. Pearson has a Master’s of Science in Natural Resources as well as a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Natural Resources Planning from Humboldt  State University. In order to gain his Master’s degree, Erik completed an economic analysis of a conservation easement in the Jacoby Creek Watershed.

ILG Contributions

  • Beacon Award program contact


Beacon Participant Profile
City of Hayward

City of Hayward

“Hayward’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted by the City Council on July 28, 2009. The purpose of the CAP is to make Hayward a more environmentally and socially sustainable community by reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions – the primary contributor to global warming, decreasing the community’s dependence on non-renewable resources, increasing Hayward’s potential for “green” economic development, and enhancing the health of all who live and work in Hayward” -City of Hayward website

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