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Dallin Kimble
Board Member


Mariposa County Administrative Officer
California Association of County Executives (CACE) 

Dallin Kimble is the County Administrative Officer for Mariposa County, California. As the County’s top administrator, Dallin has overseen adoption of the County’s first strategic plan, replacement of core technology and a restructuring of related processes, new and amended financial policies for improved fiscal health, recovery from eleven proclaimed emergencies, a successful transient occupancy tax ballot initiative, new place branding, partnerships that are improving the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery and more.

Dallin has a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brigham Young University and a master’s degree in public administration from Arizona State University. Before coming to California, Dallin worked for several years at a special district in Arizona and wearing many hats for a small town in Virginia. He is a Credentialed California Senior Executive; a graduate of the Local Government Summer Institute at Stanford University; an enlightened and grateful survivor of the Leading, Educating and Developing (LEAD) program hosted at the University of Virginia; and a compulsive planner of community progress and personal achievement.

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