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Why Should Cities and Counties Help Families Get Health Insurance for Their Children?


“When I approach a child, he inspires in me two sentiments: tenderness for what he is, and respect for what he may become.”

– Louis Pasteur

Wouldn’t it be great to have new partners in your city’s or county’s existing outreach efforts to enroll eligible kids in affordable health insurance? CHK is about facilitating new partnerships to enhance your existing good outreach and enrollment efforts and reach more children.

Here are a few reasons why cities and counties should help families get health insurance for their children:

  • Few things are more important to families than the health of their children.
  • Kids with health insurance are more likely to get the care they need to ensure healthy development and become productive members of the community.
  • Healthy kids do better in school – and when they are in school, they are less likely to get into trouble.
  • Investment in children’s health insurance saves taxpayers money, since kids get preventative health care like vaccinations and check ups, and avoid much more costly emergency or hospital care. Why wait until a child is so sick that he or she needs to go to the emergency room? Why risk having sick, uninsured kids spreading illness to their classmates, teachers or others in the community?
  • Helping children get health insurance is a great way to build trust with your residents. Participating in CHK can build bridges with your residents and can underscore that your city or county cares about its residents and their children. And it can create a positive image for your local agency.

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