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Webinar on Effective Public Engagement
Dealing with Deeply Held Concerns and Organized Opposition in Public Engagement Activities

Post Brian Moura

This hour-long webinar also features practical advice from ILG’s Public Engagement program staff.


The Sustainable Communities Learning Network’s Brownbag Webinar from March 13, 2013:

No matter what the issue, citizens with strong views and often competing beliefs challenge the ability of cities and counties to hold productive and civil public hearings and meetings. Community engagement processes and strategies that anticipate and respond effectively to such situations are possible. Learn from the experience of others and receive tips for designing processes that are effective, responsive, and civil.

Download the PowerPoint slides at right.


  • Brian Moura, Assistant City Manager, City of San Carlos
  • Susan Stuart Clark, Director, Common Knowledge

Video Recording

Webinar on Effective Public Engagement








The Sustainable Communities Learning Network Launches Brownbag Webinar Series

The Sustainable Communities Learning Network hosted a series of 30-minute webinars to share great stories from communities working in five of ILG’s ten Sustainability Best Practice Areas.

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