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Water-Energy Grant Program


FUNDING LEVEL: Annual budget allocation; $50 million through March 2017; Additional consideration to disadvantaged communities
ADMINISTERING AGENCY: Department of Water Resources
ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Local agencies, joint powers authorities and nonprofit organizations. 

Program Description

This program funds competitive grants for water efficiency programs or projects that reduce greenhouse gas emissions and reduce water and energy use. Preference is given to proposals that include regional projects or projects that are consistent with an Integrated Regional Water Management Plan.

Visit the Department of Water Resources’ Water-Energy Grant Program page to learn more.

Successful Project Outcomes

  • Increased water conservation
  • Reduced energy usage through increased efficiency

Funded Projects

City of Santa Rosa (2016-17)The Santa Rosa Efficient Fixtures Direct Installation Project has been awarded $138,158. The city’s water department will purchase WaterSense fixtures and contract with qualified plumbers to directly install approximately 5,500 residential fixture packages and approximately 250 commercial pre-rinse spray valves.

The City of Santa Rosa is a Beacon Program Participant, find out more.

Monterey County(2016-17 )- The WaterLink-Monterey Bay Area Project was awarded $2,468,585 to upgrade aerators, showerheads and pre-rinse spray valves, repair egregious leaks and provide incentives for residential and commercial appliance upgrades. WaterLink will result in lifetime savings of 1.47M gallons of water, 305M kWh of energy, 55,284 MT CO2 equivalent in GHG emission reduction and $500,000 in wages for residents in disadvantaged communities.

The California State University Foundation (2016-17) – has been awarded $ 1,272,654 for six water and energy efficiency projects across the California State University (CSU) system. The project measures will replace older, inefficient plumbing fixtures and appliances at five CSU campuses and the Office of the Chancellor with newer fixtures and appliances to save water, save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits, the proposed project measures would reduce operational costs for the CSU

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