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Transformative Climate Communities (TCC)


FUNDING LEVEL: $140 million through March 2017; 100% of funds distributed to top 5% of disadvantaged communities as defined by CalEnviroScreen 3.0
ADMINISTERING AGENCY: Strategic Growth Council
ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Nonprofit organizations, community-based organizations, faith-based organizations, community development corporations, local agencies, joint powers authorities, or tribal governments.  Applicants must demonstrate multi-stakeholder partnerships with local agencies, community-based organizations, labor groups, workforce investment boards and other stakeholders, as appropriate.

Program Description

This new program will fund the development and implementation of neighborhood-level transformative climate community plans that include multiple, coordinated GHG emission reduction projects that provide local economic, environmental and health benefits to disadvantaged communities. Strong local engagement and cross-sector partnerships are critical to realizing each community’s vision for TCC projects. Projects will include strategic investments in transportation, housing, energy, natural resources and/or waste. The broad program goals are to:

  • Promote infill development;
  • Coordinate development of transportation and other infrastructure in existing urban boundaries;
  • Increase economic vitality;
  • Clean air and improved public health;
  • Decrease consumption of energy, water and other natural resources;
  • Reduce conversion of farmland and natural habitat areas; and
  • Support more efficient infrastructure investment and delivery of municipal services.

Visit the Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities web page to learn more.

Successful Project Outcomes

  • Achieve significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Improve public health and environmental benefits
  • Expand economic opportunity and shared prosperity

Example of Qualifying Projects

The Strategic Growth Council’s Transformative Climate Communities will distribute $140 million of Cap and Trade money in three communities.  Preliminary allocations have been made for $70 million in Fresno and $35 million in Los Angeles. A third community will be awarded $35 million through a competitive process. Successful communities will undertake projects and activities to reduce GHG in multiple sectors of California’s economy. These strategies might include:

  • Equitable housing and neighborhood development
  • Transit access and mobility
  • Decarbonized energy and energy efficiency
  • Water efficiency
  • Materials management
  • Urban greening and green infrastructure
  • Land conservation and restoration

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