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Terry Amsler


Program Director, Public Engagement & Collaborative Governance

Terry Amsler is the Director of the Institute for Local Government’s Public Engagement and Collaborative Governance (PECG) program. Situated in a broader program to enhance public confidence in government, PECG supports effective and inclusive public engagement in local decision making and helps local officials in cities and counties throughout California successfully navigate among the array of community engagement options that bring resident voice to the table on important issues.

Prior to joining the Institute, Terry was the Program Director for the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation’s Conflict Resolution program area. Terry has also served as the Director of U.S. Initiatives with Partners for Democratic Change, and as executive director of both the Oregon Dispute Resolution Commission and San Francisco’s Community Board Program. With a B.A. in Political Science from the State University of New York, and a Masters of Public Administration from the University of San Francisco, Terry has more than thirty years of experience in dispute resolution and public involvement in community, government, philanthropic, and academic settings.

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