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Public Policy Institute of California Releases Report


The Public Policy Institute of California (PPIC) released its study on November 18, 2008 examining how cities and counties are responding to climate change. The study is titled Climate Policy at the Local Level, and among the report’s highlights is the finding that 75 percent of California’s cities and counties are actively engaged in climate change issues.

Citing a lack of concrete information on what local governments are doing to address climate change, PPIC conducted the survey over a seven month period beginning in May 2008 with 280 cities and 30 counties responding. This represents 73 percent of California’s population. PPIC collaborated with the Institute, League of California Cities and CSAC in conducting the survey.

Key Findings

  • Approximately 75 percent of cities and counties are working on climate change issues;
  • Approximately 33 percent of cities and counties are participating in one or more efforts that encourage local climate policy action;
  • More than half of all cities and counties have completed (or are planning to conduct) emissions inventories of municipal facilities and operations;
  • 42 percent are also doing this process for their larger communities;
  • More than half of the cities and counties surveyed have completed (or are planning to complete) climate action plans; and
  • Cities and counties, similar to the state, are more focused on mitigation efforts (such as investments in energy efficiency technologies) than adaptation efforts (such as strategies to prepare communities for natural disasters resulting from climate change).

The complete study can be found on PPIC’s Web site at ( )

PPIC also released a report on adapting for climate change, titled, “Preparing California for a Changing Climate.” That report can also be found at the PPIC website above.

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