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Low Carbon Transit Operations Program (LCTOP)


FUNDING LEVEL: 5% continuous allocation; $134.8 million through March 2017; 50% of funds distributed to agencies with disadvantaged communities must benefit disadvantaged communities

ADMINISTERING AGENCY: Administered by Caltrans in coordination with Air Resource Board (ARB) and the State Controller’s Office (SCO); GHG methodology by CARB
ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Local governments and transit agencies

Program Description

LCTOP funds are distributed based on prior use of State Transit Assistance (STA) funds and provide operating and capital assistance for transit operators and regional transportation planning agencies. Eligible projects include new or expanded bus and rail services, as well as service or facility improvements such as equipment, fueling and maintenance. Transit projects must achieve GHG reductions by reducing passenger vehicle miles traveled through incentives, infrastructure, or operational improvements (e.g., providing better bus connections to intercity rail, encouraging people to shift from cars to mass transit). For agencies whose service area includes disadvantaged communities, at least 50 percent of the total funds received must be expended on projects that will benefit disadvantaged communities.

Visit the Low Carbon Transit Operations page on the Caltrans website to learn more.

Successful Project Outcomes

  • New or expanded service or transit facilities that reduce GHG emission by increasing ridership and reducing passenger vehicle miles traveled
  • Improved access to transit services that improve public health
  • Greater access to jobs, schools and businesses for disadvantaged communities

Funded Projects

City of Delano (2015) – $17,580 was awarded to the City of Delano to make improvements to its transit stations, which includes replacement of eight existing bus stops with new bus shelters featuring solar lighting.

The City of Delano is a Beacon Program Participant, find out more.

Visalia-Fresno Shuttle Project (2015) – The City of Visalia’s Visalia-Fresno Shuttle Project is a five-stop “V-line,” that feeds into the Visalia Transit system. It includes stops at popular destinations including Fresno State University, Fresno Yosemite International Airport and Fresno’s Courthouse Park. Operating six round trips daily, seven days a week, the CNG-powered shuttles provides disadvantaged communities and area residents with greater access to employment, regional transportation and education.

The City of Visalia is a Beacon Program Participant, find out more.

Alameda County (2015) – The City of Oakland received $1,948,597 for The East Bay Bus Transit Project. The funding will purchase and install 120 Transit Signal Priority units on Broadway and International Boulevard between Oakland and San Leandro as part of the 9.52 mile East Bay BRT route. The East Bay BRT project includes dedicated bus lanes with signal priority.

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