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Healthy Soils Program


FUNDING LEVEL: Annual budget allocation; $7.5 million through March 2017
ADMINISTERING AGENCY: California Air Resources Board (CARB)
ELIGIBLE APPLICANTS: Farmers and ranchers (incentives) and partnerships between agricultural operations/industry groups, academia, non-profit organizations and/or resource conservation districts (demonstration projects)

Program Description

This new program will fund demonstration projects and provide direct financial incentives to farmers and ranchers to implement on-farm management practices that build soil carbon and reduce agricultural GHG emissions through healthy soils management techniques.

Visit the CDFA’s Healthy Soils page to learn more.

Successful Project Outcomes

  • Improve plant health and yields
  • Increase water infiltration and retention
  • Sequester and reduce greenhouse gases
  • Reduce sediment erosion and dust
  • Improve water and air quality

Examples of Potential Qualifying Projects

City of Firebaugh - Sano Farms uses cover crops to improve to increase the amount of organic matter in its soil improving the quality of its crops. This practice also reduces tillage, saving money on labor, fuel and machinery. It has the added benefit of conserving water and keeping carbon in the soil. Find out more.

Sutter County - To better understand how soil properties change under various uses and management, a five-year soil study is being conducted on a private Sutter County prune ranch by the National Soil Health Initiative in cooperation with the Sutter County Resource Conservation District. The study will monitor and evaluate how soil quality is impacted by three common California orchard management practices (clean till, resident vegetation and winter annual cover crop mixture) influence soil fertility, soil organic matter and water infiltration. Find out more.

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