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City of South Lake Tahoe


Community: South Lake Tahoe (County of El Dorado)

Population: 23,725


The City of South Lake Tahoe increased opportunities for families to enroll their eligible children in affordable health insurance by offering information through its Latino Affairs Commission. The city collaborated with the El Dorado County Children’s Health Initiative to provide information and enroll eligible children in no- or low-cost health insurance.

Program Highlights

  • The city used a Latino Affairs Commission meeting as a focal point for outreach to families. A staff person from the county’s Children’s Health Initiative followed up with families that wanted more information about options and also assisted families with the enrollment process.
  • The city worked with the El Dorado County Children’s Health Initiative to help interested families complete enrollment applications.

Because the existing outreach and enrollment activities of the county Children’s Health Initiative already reached many families in South Lake Tahoe with eligible children, the challenge of the partnership was to identify an activity in which the city could be involved that did not target the same audience. Thus, the city focused its efforts on an existing city commission with ties to the target community. At the same time, the city developed a new working relationship with the existing county program.


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