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2nd Annual Meeting of Immigrant Local Officials

Communications Training – Opening Doors to Meaningful Dialogue

During the second annual meeting of immigrant local officials at the League of California Cities Annual Conference in September 2010 the Institute of Local Government partnered with the Asian Pacific Islander and Latino Caucuses of the League to offer a workshop on framing and effective re-framing techniques to encourage a constructive dialogue among and about immigrant residents.

Isabel Alegria, Communications Director, California Immigrant Policy Center, facilitated the workshop that helped participants explore ways to open the door to a more informed, rational and meaningful dialogue in local communities.

In addition to skill development, local officials were able to network, share stories and access immigrant integration resources.

Communications Workshop Presenter

Isabel Alegria, Communications Director at the California Immigrant Policy Center (CIPC) has 20 years of broadcasting experience in San Francisco, San Diego, and El Paso, Texas, working most recently as a Reporter for National Public Radio. She was the co-founder of the Latin American News Service from El Paso, Texas and is a graduate of Stanford University in Communications.


  • Institute for Local Government
  • Asian-Pacific Islander Caucus of the League of California Cities
  • Latino Caucus of the League of California Cities
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