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Public Engagement E-Monthly


This monthly Enews highlights new and relevant public engagement resources and events for local elected officials and staff.


Engaging the Public in Economic Development

The loss of redevelopment agencies coupled with a downturn in the economy has left many cities and counties seeking new ways to approach local economic development. One essential economic development tool that may often be underused is public engagement – involving community members in charting a path to shared prosperity and an improved quality of life. Learn how involving the community in economic development plans can lead to shared prosperity.


Humboldt County Engages the Public to Inform its Economic Development Strategy
Case Story

In an effort to create a comprehensive economic development strategy for the region, Humboldt County engaged more than 450 stakeholders ranging from business owners and elected officials to community members, education professionals and tribal leaders.The extensive public engagement effort not only resulted in a comprehensive report that outlines the regions’ greatest economic opportunities, but also helped members of the community better understand their roles in improving the local economy. 


Public Engagement Signposts – April 2014

This regular feature of ILG’s Public Engagement E-news offers useful information and resources about public engagement practices, innovations and ideas from sources in California and elsewhere.

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