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News from the Institute for Local Government


2014: A Year in Review

During this holiday season, we wanted to pause to send you greetings and our sincere wishes for good health and much happiness in the coming year. Your support of our work is very much appreciated.

The Institute for Local Government has enjoyed serving you in 2014. We look forward to continuing to collaborate with and be a resource for local governments across California.

It’s been a busy year for ILG as we work to serve the needs of local governments across California. Our annual report that provides a look back at our accomplishments this year is available here. A few highlights of our work this year include:

Awarding the second full Beacon award and 27 Beacon Spotlight awards to cities and counties across the state and helping local governments make measurable progress toward reducing greenhouse gas emissions, saving energy and implementing sustainability best practices through the Beacon Program;

Creating a Good Governance Checklist: Good and Better Practices to help local agencies identify policies and practices to promote and build public trust and confidence;

Expanding our Collaborations and Partnerships Program to include the Cities Counties Schools Partnership and the Summer Meal Coalition; and

Sharing resources to ensure elected officials have the tools they need to make informed, ethical decisions; and

Providing technical assistance to the City of Turlock to help them create and implement a successful community engagement strategy surrounding district elections and overwhelmingly pass a ballot measure and avoid costly litigation.


Help Support ILG!

In order to meet our mission and provide services, we rely on the generosity of individuals, organizations and businesses for support. Without your assistance, we wouldn’t be able to serve local governments and their communities each year.

Any support helps. Your tax deductible donation of $1000, $500 or $100 will be recognized on ILG’s website as a Champion, Supporter or Friend respectively. The easiest way to donate is online by visiting, or you can contact ILG at 916-658-8208 or by email, With your help, together we can create healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

Happy Holidays!!
The ILG Team

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