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A service of ILG’s Sustainable Communities Learning Network, the News Flash highlights fresh resources and upcoming events tailored for local sustainability practitioners.


Prosperity that Lasts
Building Economically Sustainable Communities

How can local communities reap fiscal and economic benefits from sustainability activities related to energy efficiency, green infrastructure and water and wastewater management? This resource outlines strategies and success stories from cities and counties that have boosted their local economy and bottom line with smart sustainability investments and practices.


Engaging the Public in Economic Development

One essential economic development tool is public engagement. Learn practical ways that local leaders can help residents develop a shared knowledge and ownership of local economic development policies and programs which can lead to shared prosperity and improved quality of life.


Air Resources Board releases Land Use and Residential Energy tool

The Air Resources Board has just released a new tool to assist local governments with estimating the residential energy use and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions associated with future development based on planned land use scenarios. The new Land Use and Residential Energy (LURE) tool allows local governments, during the General Plan updating and Climate Action planning processes, to quickly compare various land use scenarios accommodating new growth in residential housing to identify which scenario would result in the lowest GHG emissions. Find out more!

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