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Sacramento Employment & Training Agency
Supporting At-Risk Youth Through Public Service Internships


About the Pilot

In this innovative program, SETA partners with public agencies to provide workforce support services and internships to foster youth and system-involved youth. The model works well because SETA provides employers with a single point of contact to assist the employees with any issues on the job and the funding for the youth to complete 240 hours paid work experience (at minimum wage). 

Training and Logistics

20 Youth received 32 hours of work skills training to prepare them for employment. Youth were between the ages of 17-24 and were either a current of former foster youth.  Youth were encouraged to work in the public sector through a variety of experiences but some opted for private sector experiences for logistics purposes. Some of the employers included Sacramento County Probation, Del Paso Grooming, Cullincini Restaurant Supply, and Mylapore Restaurant. 

Work-Readiness Training Topics

  • Change Your Mind, Change Your World
  • Know Your Strengths
  • Careers Are a Choice
  • Dressed for Hire
  • Contemporary Job Search Strategies
  • Resume Development
  • Awesome Interview Skills
  • Workplace Ethics
  • Get the Message on Business Communication Skills
  • Self Leadership – Leadership
  • Development for Youth
  • Customer Service Star
  • Meet the Employers
  • How to Network
  • Money Management

Outreach to Youth and Employers

Projects that specialize in working with at-risk populations need dedicated staff and special promotional materials to reach the audiences of both youth participants and employers willing to work with underserved youth. Here are samples of SETA’s materials. 

Success Story

Shamond Owens shared his personal story and future pursuits with ILG, conference attendees at Youth@Work’s 2018 conference and with Mayor Darrell Steinberg of Sacramento.  Having lived in multiple counties and experiencing being a foster youth for most of his life, Shamond has a strong desire to give back to the youth by becoming a group home social worker. Following his graduation from Health Professions (where he was exposed to social work as a public health-focused position) he is determined to attend community college and then transfer to Sacramento State. 


To learn more about SETA’s work with foster youth, contact Terri Carpenter, Workforce Development Manager at Sacramento Employment & Training Agency (SETA):

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