Sustainability Resource Centers


Sustainability Resource Centers

The Institute has developed resource centers which delve more deeply into several sustainability topics to offer information and tools for local governments.  Currently, there are seven resource centers on: Safe Routes to Schools, Sustainable Economic Development, SB 375, Commercial Recycling, Financing Sustainability, Greening Agency Fleets and Insuring Kid’s Health. 

Image of Cap and Trade

Cap and Trade

Cap and trade is one key strategy that California is implementing to achieve the emission reduction goals set in the California Warming Solutions Act of 2006 (AB32). This resource center provides an overview of cap and trade, the funding available to local governments and each of the current cap and trade funds View the individual funds below, or download the full brochure here.Click here to download the overview infographic.


SB 375 Resource Center

Senate Bill 375 (2008, Steinberg) builds on the existing framework of regional planning in an effort to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from motor vehicle trips.The Institute for Local Government has created this resource center which includes three premier workbooks to help local officials learn about California’s SB 375 as it relates to:

  • Regional Planning for Transportation, Housing and the Environment
  • Public Participation Requirements
  • Opportunities to Engage the Public in Regional Planning

Also included in this resource center are basic definitions and resources related to SB 375 and information on how California’s metropolitan planning organizations are implementing this law.


Recycling Resource Center

As California residents and businesses recycle more, local governments are looking to build additional recycling infrastructure projects and expand existing programs. This resource center includes resources, webinars and case examples to help local governments do just that – finance and site recycling projects and programs in their communities. The commercial recycling section includes resources to help local officials increase commercial recycling in their communities.


Financing Sustainability Resource Center

The financing sustainability resource center includes resources to help local agencies finance and support sustainability activities, including links to utility and state agency programs, white papers and tip sheets.


Greening Agency Fleets Resource Center

The greening agency fleet resource center includes information to help local officials evaluate options for greening agency fleets, examples of city and county green fleet programs and resources to learn more.


Sustainable Economic Development Resource Center

Creating prosperous and sustainable communities is a goal that all local officials and leaders can share, and we at the Institute want to help you pursue that goal.

What is Sustainable Economic Development?

Many cities and counties are pursuing sustainable economic development – policies and practices that help communities attract and retain jobs for the long term, while also maintaining environmental quality, conserving resources, addressing economic disparities, promoting public health, and otherwise improve the city’s quality of life.  Many of these strategies have the added benefit of reducing short-term and long-term costs to provide and maintain public services and infrastructure.

In this Section:

This resource center offers information, case stories, studies and reports, and links to organizations that can help local officials in their efforts to create more prosperous and sustainable local communities.


Insuring Kids’ Health
Online Resource Center

This resource center provides information and resources to help cities and counties connect families with affordable health insurance for their children. It was developed as a result of three years’ effort by 10 cities and counties in California.

Although the project concluded in 2010, most of the materials developed remain relevant today, in light of the Affordable Care Act. Local agencies that wish to help families connect with affordable health insurance for themselves and/or their children will find key resources here, including:


Creating Safe Walking and Bicycling Communities: Safe Routes to School Decision Maker’s Toolkit

Image of Creating Safe Walking and Bicycling Communities: Safe Routes to School Decision Maker’s Toolkit How to Use This Guide

This guide explains active transportation and the conditions in a community that support safe walking and bicycling to schools and other neighborhood destinations. It offers tools for local governments to support active transportation. Because decisions about transportation investments in California occur across an array of agencies, the guide explains the regional and state context within which local leaders can collaborate to create safer walking and bicycling environments.