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Randi Kay Stephens
Institute Staff

Randi Kay Stephens Headshot

Associate Manager

Randi Kay Stephens is the Associate Program Manager for the Local Government Basics program and the Cities Counties Schools Partnership, a collaborative of the League of California Cities, California State Association of Counties and the California School Boards Association.

Prior to joining the Institute, Randi Kay served as a staff member to an elected official with the city of Sacramento and as a volunteer services coordinator for the 28 branches of the Sacramento Public Library.  She enjoys working on governance basics, leadership and intergovernmental collaboration. During her service at the city and library, Randi Kay’s focus was on relationship-building with residents and businesses and in working towards community-based solutions.  She is very proud of the many community gardens and playgrounds she helped build with community members and the many volunteers she engaged to help adults learn to read later in life.

Randi Kay received her MPA from the University of San Francisco. She serves as a board member of the Sacramento chapter of the American Society for Public Administration.


Cities Counties Schools Partnership

The Cities Counties Schools Partnership is dedicated to improving the conditions of children, families and communities at the local level by promoting and encouraging coordination, integration and increased efficiency of local services and joint facilities use among cities, counties and schools in all California communities.

The partnership comprises members representing the California School Boards Association, California State Association of Counties, and League of California Cities. In 2015, the CCS Partnership formally became a project of the Institute for Local Government.


Orientation Materials for Newly Elected Officials

Agency staff: Preparing orientation materials for incoming newly elected officials? In addition to your agency’s own materials (policies, calendars, staff rosters), the Institute’s resources can help officials understand and pursue their leadership role. 


Shared Services and Joint Use
Intergovermental Collaboration

Working Together in Service to Shared Constituencies

Counties, cities, schools and special districts are distinct legal entities that have no control over each other (except for dependent special districts). Yet these entities usually have overlapping constituencies. Those constituencies provide financial support to these local agencies through taxes, assessments, fees and other kinds of service charges.

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