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Institute Board Mulls the Philanthropy/Public Agency Connection


At its January 2010 meeting, the Institute board was privileged to hear from Colin Lacon, President, Northern California Grantmakers. Colin thoughtfully described a variety of opportunities for collaboration between local agencies and the philanthropic and nonprofit sectors. 

The development of this online resource center followed.  The center collects:

  • Community stories describing examples of such collaborations.
  • Resources to assist local officials in considering collaborations with nonprofit organizations.

In his presentation to the Institute board, Colin emphasized that foundations want to be a catalyst for change. Simply picking up the tab for things that public agencies can’t pay for anymore is not likely to be of interest. 

However, public agencies should keep in mind that foundations can access networks of people who can exercise leverage on an issue. Foundations can be an important element of an agency’s outreach and engagement strategy as a result.

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