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Solano County: Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress


2009 CCS Partnership Award through the Challange Award

The Solano County Index of Economic and Community Progress is a project that was launched in 2007 after a series of economic summits identified a need for more factbased information to guide efforts by public and private sector leaders to expand Solano County’s economy and support its long-term viability. Three comprehensive editions were produced for 2008, 2009 and 2010 by the consultant Collaborative Economics for the County of Solano and the Solano Economic Development Corporation. These insightful documents provided an objective analysis of key indicators shaping the local economy. In 2011, the Index became a project for County staff, in cooperation with the Solano EDC, to maintain and update throughout the year. The Index was expanded to include comparisons in many instances to the Sacramento Area, Bay Area, California and the United States. The 2012, 2013 and 2014 editions include the objective analysis of Dr. Robert Eyler from Economic Forensics and Analytics. All of the annual index reports, as well as several in-depth analyses of local industry clusters, can be found at

Read the 2014 Index of Economic and Community Progress


The Economic Summits Move Shared Vision Forward program began with a  series of summits in 2008 that developed a common economic vision for the County of Solano and its seven cities. The summits resulted in a shared Economic Development Strategic Framework and an Index of Economic and Community Progress. Concurrently, the county revised its general plan including the Economic Development element and received a 71% approval of the plan from the voters. Included in the general plan are strategies for developing organizations and the public sector the purpose of which is to maximize the federal stimulus dollar coming to Solano County. Additionally, more than 300 youth attended the first ever Youth Summit in 2008, which resulted in the formation of a Youth Commission and increased the number of career fairs at local high schools.


In selecting Economic Summits Move Shared Community Vision Forward program, the panel of judges cited the difficulty of getting multiple jurisdictions to work toward a common vision for economic development in a county with a large portion of the land being agricultural. The panel stated that the program is an exceptional example of collaboration across jurisdictions. The panel believed the model could be replicated in many other counties.

Since 2009, the California State Association of Counties has updated their award information. To learn more about the Challenge Awards please visit the California State Association of Counties Challenge Award homepage.  Click here for a Solano County News Brief on receiving an award from CCS Partnership.


Contact Sandy Person, President of the Solano Economic Development Corporation for current information about the Index of Economic and Community Progress.

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