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City of Union City


Union City has a very long history of collaboration with New Haven Unified School District.  The city staffs a student Crisis Intervention Counseling Program which serves several New Haven Unified School District sites. Additionally, it provides a School Resource Officer at James Logan High School and collaborates with the District’s Kids Zone Initiative, which provides “Cradle to Career” services to children in the Decoto neighborhood of Union City (modeled after the Harlem, NYC Children’s Zone Program). The Kids Zone collaboration involves more than a dozen local service organizations ranging from early childhood education to various medical service providers, youth violence prevention programs, job training programs, community members and local elected officials. School board and city council members meet regularly to discuss issues of mutual interest and importance, as do staff from each agency.

Additional collaboration:

  • Community Recreation Agreement for the mutual use of facilities
  • Union City financial support of the District’s aquatic and tennis facilities, which the City programs when not in use by the District

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